ATTENTION: Coaches, Experts and Entrepreneurs...
Unlock The Automatic Sales Machine, That Puts Money In Your Bank Account Effortlessly...
... Every Time You Get On The Phone
ATTENTION: Coaches, Experts and Entrepreneurs...
Unlock The Automatic Sales Machine,That Puts Money In Your Bank Account Effortlessly...
... Every Time You Get On The Phone
Dear Entrepreneur,
How would your life and business change if you easily double, triple or even QUADRUPLE what you are currently charging your clients week in and week out...and do it over the phone.

I mean think about it...

How awesome would it be to command $3000 or $4000 instead of the normal $1000 you would charge...and do the same amount of work?

Waking up day after day, seeing your bank account (and your impact) scale up FAST by thousands of dollars.

Never feeling more confident in your mission, watching clients line up to work with you, while finally having the freedom to live the life you truly deserve.

Well it’s not that far away…

Because there is a NEW way to enroll high paying clients and increase your revenue, and it’s easier than you think
Command 2-5x what your currently charging for your services without
EVER feeling awkward or sleazy!
When you Unlock the Automatic Sales Machine to sell your services, you will:
  • Wake up energized and motivated every morning, knowing you were finally making a big difference and being compensated properly for it.
  • Say “screw the 9-5” and pursue your real mission and passion full time, never having to worry about money again because you can make as much as you want, when you want.
  •  Scale your business and your impact faster (and easier) than you ever thought possible.
But, to do that you need to unlock the Automatic Sales Machine so that you...
Put Money In Your Bank Account In The New Economy
Because “old-school” sales is dead.

Tricking and manipulating people into a giving you their money through greasy tactics and pressure has left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

And its prevented a lot of good entrepreneurs with great services - like you – from getting those services to the people that really need them.

Let's face NEED to become great at selling because thats how you can make the biggest impact with your product or service.

Take my client, Mike.

Mike had been trying to get his Life Coaching business up and running for over two years – working side jobs and relying on his partner’s 9-5 income to pay their bills.

How do you think that felt for Mike’s self-confidence?

How do you think it felt for Mike to have to rely on his partner to help pay the bills and not be able to provide the type of life he wanted for his family?

Here's the thing...

Mike was great at what he did, but he could never get people to pay him what he was really worth. Always chasing clients hoping they would come around and realize how bad they needed his services.

And although he put lots of effort and worked hard and "hustled" he just couldn't get anywhere because he didn't know the RIGHT way to sell.

That's why people would tell him “$300 is too expensive” … and he never felt more frustrated, because all he wanted to do it help people full time!

So he had tried everything…
  • “show them so much value for free, they will want to pay for your higher services,” a business coach told him 
  • “make sure you have a professional website and a blog or a podcast to build authority, and people will pay you more,” a mentor advised
  • “run Facebook ads, so you have more leads in the pipeline,” hammered the marketers 
… in the end he was left with a pretty website that no one went to, clients that were paying him pennies (who didn’t do the work), and THOUSANDS in credit card debt from advertisements that brought him nothing but a handful of unqualified leads that still wouldn’t pay.

That was until Mike learned he didn’t need to do any of those things… 

…he just needed to know how to unlock the automatic sales machine to sell services in the MODERN economy.
Mike isn't the only one who has been able to command double or triple their rates...
If a 20 year-old kid, a Rabbi, and a first grade teacher can do it …
You don’t need sales experience to make this system work. As long as you have something of value to give to this world, you can unlock the automatic sales machine to earn your true worth.
SALES 2.0 
The Ultimate Guide To Selling in The NEW Economy
What Can Sales 2.0 Do For You?


How to re-position your services RIGHT NOW so that you can charge higher prices, even if you are just starting out (and have people lining up to pay!)


The Framework to confidently scale your business (and IMPACT) without ever feeling awkward or “salesy” again


How to consistently enroll $3k, $5k, even $8k clients day in and day out – no blog, podcast, or best-selling book necessary.
Developed By Best Selling Author and Internationally 
Renowned Speaker, Zander Fryer 
  •  Built a 7-figure Coaching Business from scratch in under 12 months
  •  Over $300M in sales experience
  •  Worked with over 350+ 6, 7, and 8 figure businesses
  •  Business Coach to Millionaires, Professional Athletes, Musicians, Actors, and Global Brands
Here's What You Get With The Sales 2.0 System
Could you imagine what it would be like finally making the money you truly deserve, while helping hundreds... even THOUSANDS of people along the way?
The Sales 2.0 Training System
1)  Position for Profit: How to position your offer to 10x your value (and authority) overnight.
  • 32+ min of training including the proven positioning strategies and offers our clients have used to make $40k, $50k, even $100k/mo in every industry.
2)  The Trusted Advisor Frame: How to build trust, gain authority and help people move forward even if you don't have a big audience or a best-selling book.
  •   2+ hours of training here! It doesn’t take 3 years to build authority and a profitable business. What If you could create authority NOW? No best-selling book or massive audience needed!
3)  The Perfect Consultation Script: How to consistently walk clients into a sale, without ever pressuring, manipulating, or feeling sleazy
  •   3+ hours of training on this alone, including the EXACT framework our high-end clients have use to enroll at 60%, 70%, even 90% at prices of $3k-10k. No sales experience needed. We will teach you everything you need to know.
4)  What NOT to do: …The secret rules that cause 90% of missed sales (…that no one ever taught you!)
  •   28+ min of training to show you the things you are GUARANTEED to be doing right now that are ruining your revenue. It could just be one or two words that are tanking your sales, and you don’t even realize it.
Plus These Limited Time Bonuses
1) Done-For-You Scripts ($1,000 value)
The word-for-word scripts we’ve designed that have been PROVEN to enroll at $3k, $5k, even $10k for our high-end clients. WE'VE DONE ALL THE WORK FOR YOU.
2) Obliterate Objections ($750 value)
90+ mins showing you how to destroy (even PREVENT) any objection. Selling gets easy when you stop getting objections
3) Constant Confidence ($500 value)
38+ min showing you how to build UNSHAKEABLE confidence. Confidence is the #1 characteristic for success in sales. This won’t just change your business, it’ll change your life.
4) No $$ Lead Generation ($2000 value)
85+ min teaching you how to organically generate 15, 20, even 30 leads a month without spending a dime on ads. What happens when you can generate 15-30 leads a month AND enroll a high percentage at prices of $3-10k? 
5) 24/7 LIVE FB group support with QnAs ($5000)
We know you will always have questions to customize our systems for your business, so we want to make sure you get those questions answered. Join the hundreds of other experts in our support community to get your questions answered.
Total Value = $9,250
Yours Today = $697 Only $497
Savings of $8,753!
One-Time Payment
One-Time Payment
    Two Payments
      Sales 2.0 Guarantee
      And when you sign up today, know this – whether it’s 29 minutes from now or 29 days from now, if you ain’t happy, We ain’t happy. 

      For any reason, or for no reason whatsoever, if you want your money back you can get it. Because we only want to keep your money if you’re happy. 

      All you have to do is go to and tell us ‘gimme my money back’ and you got it in short order. 

      You can only make such a guarantee when you’re confident that what you have is the real deal, and I'm fully confident that when you sign up below you’re getting exactly what you need to finally.
      • command at premium rates 
      • enroll at ridiculous levels without feeling salesy
      • and make great money in your business
      •  ALL while having a bigger impact
      Don't waste another day not being able to charge what you are worth...2-5x your prices and turn your business into an automatic cash machine now!
      One-Time Payment
      One-Time Payment
        Two Payments
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